17 Nov 2007

My first poem ...

This is my first poem (though I am not sure I will write any more), which I have written for 'The Muse'. Tell me how it is ???

First time in London!!!

The clouds going by,
Still the sun blazing high,
Water driblets filling the sky,
I wonder where am I?

It is a different city,
Folding itself out like a mystery,
Overpowering my senses,
Affecting my responses!

Forced to think why,
I look for a reply.
Am I high,
Or the world bading bye?

Probably this is not a case,
Its just a passing phase,
I am not so insolent,
But it’s just the world being ignorant.

I shall rise from it,
Giving no one a dime,
The scores would be even.
And the peace shall be mine.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

tarun's poem, struck a chord... my first few days in london were spent in a daze... the world of difference between delhi and this new place i suddenly found myself in, was quite conspicuous in that every little thing was alien ... and yet in the midst of it all, i'd find things i could identify with...
it's been 2 months in london now... funny how the time flew by... but now london feels like home, and all those things that so estranged me in the beginning, have become a part and parcel of my life...things that seemed odd at first, i now take for granted... just goes to show, that one can never tell how time and circumstances can change you... the initial turmoil has calmed down, and i am at peace again...

Anu's life la lessons said...

hey ...
never knew that u write peoms as well ... ahaaan ... great one ...

liked it a lot.

Abhinav Goel said...

dil yahi bola mera,
dil yehi bola yara,
raaz ye usne hai
mujhpal khola ke hai
Ishq Mohabbat jiske dil mein,
usko pasand karta hai
Maula mera!