20 Nov 2007

'Ram was 39 years old when he killed Ravana': Rediff

Today I read an article wherein Rediff quotes some expert to put the exact date of birth of Rama.

But then I feel betrayed by the Press. Where is it leading us to? This 24*7 culture has taken its toil on journalism. Really anything and everything, which is definitely a news, will be broadcast as ground-breaking national (or even international headlines).

For example, a date as to when Rama was born would be of use to whom? After no one is going to verify it and it does not make a difference to any one's life.

And why is life today to be necessarily decided on the basis of some thing we did not care about before the issue arose. Prior to this decision of Government to make a water route there, no one went and worshiped the so-called bridge. So even if it does not remain, why this hullabo ??? Whose cultural affinity is being destroyed? I understand there are cultural and religious affinities are talking about but why does this affinity arise all of a sudden and that too when there is a political issue surrounding it? It is just like making a mountain out of a moe-hill. The opposition wants some crapping issue to show that the Government is not in its senses (don't know who actually is in this grim political scenario where power and greed has not over-shadowed but killed democratic values and national sentiments).

By raising all this pandemonium, what are we trying to show ourselves? We argue just for sake of arguing (as Amartya Sen says) or do we actually know what we are speaking about? Come on people, rise to your senses. Think from your minds and not hearts. Probably then you might find an answer in yourselves than having to banish others for making you understand !!!

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