8 Nov 2007

Reply to Abhinav

A dear and new-made friend of mine, Abhinav made interesting observations on my note on the sea of humanity. I try to reply to some of his observations. Before that I would, taking leave, paste what he wrote, to put things in the correct perspective.

This is what Abhinav wrote;
nteresting way to look at internationalization and diversification amongst major world centers. But I don't think various nationalities settle in London to "plague" or take revenge on the imperialists, but for several other simpler reasons. For some its a life away from a stronger communistic (strong society) country like the developing world, and for others its the big UK government which is attractive(for example in US ceral government is smaller so there is more individualism, while in UK if u r spirit is not individualistic, its easy to rely on the "social welfare". while for some it might be better prospects of a job, for others it might be just the charm of "living in London." the world race concept is nice but it is, i think, mainly motivated by globalization. With economics ruling all societies, a chinese would talk politely to an indian not because they r both sufferers of third world or any other emotional/historical basis, but merely because he might come across the indian as his next client, employee, business partner etc.. its all about money honey.

To this I would like to say that;
Well said Abhinav, another way of putting things I would say. Money may be a motivator but it is not the end. So even though in the short term it may the heart-and-soul of an individual and may drive him to move around, it does not remain to be the end-point for ever.
I am reminded here to refer to Meslow's need hierarchy theory (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maslow's_hierarchy_of_needs) which specifically addresses this theory. Money might accompany you till your esteem needs are satiated but once that point is over, and you begin to look for the inner self, both in you and others, then the quest is no longer money but realisation of the "true". This may be understood in different names like 'religion', 'God', or whatever you might term at, but its certainly not money. So I think the basis does not stand for ever.
To the second part of the place, I don't think there is anything specifically special about London. I took this example for various reason; firstly because I have been here for some time now, which I think makes be able to feel the pulse; secondly because its an important center of trade and business, so gives many a chance to make a fortune, as Abhinav rightly said; thirdly because London is a city which provides a basic groundwork for cultural mix to take place, begin peculiarly situated amongst conservative outlook and modern paradigm. Any other city might well be taken as an illustration. For that matter I think even New York or say Dublin or Dubai might well serve as a potent reminder of the fact that people are constantly engaged, for whatever reasons it may be (money or otherwise), in inter-changing and sharing of cultures. Cultures and practices which may hitherto been unknown or even obnoxious. The xenophobic temperament has lost itself somewhere and lost for good.
I leave it at that for I don't think I mean more than that. Its for others to interpret and analyze.

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