13 Dec 2007

Cricket down under, sledging wars up ahead

First test on Boxing Day marks the start of another promising series up ahead Down-under. With the Kangaroos committed to equal the scores of their last visit two months back on Indian turf, the Indian tigers would be looking for carrying where they left in the last tour in 2004 where they drawed the test series but were looking good for a win. With the Little-master showing back that he has another full life of cricket left in him (so stop thinking about his retirement), the Prince of Kolkata emerging as the Man of the Series in the recently concluded Test series against Pakistan, Sehwag getting a chance (incidentally though because Gambhir was down with injury) and looking forward to encash it fully, Zaffar in fine tone with a good test series, Dohni roaring as usual, Yuvi looking to make the most of the test series and boy-o-boy, the man the who likes playing and hitting against Australia, the man with two Vs, Mr. Lakman, the Indian batting line up looks solid and better as ever. Then we have a promising and responsible capital who would be spearheading the spin department himself.

But then the Aussies are playing on their home soil. Though it doesn't make any difference as they like winning anywhere, but then the home advantage would be there. Even though Symonds has publicly asked to forget the 'monkey incident', the taunts and sledging would surely add colour to the game. Really you cannot separate cricket, Australia and sledging. Looks like made for each other type. A typical fixture in every series against Australia, and as they put it, a test of character. But then its a part of the game and you gotta face it in order to play the game. Can't run from it or deny its existence. After all, its only when the going gets tough that the tough gets going; the cream rises and men are separated from the boys.

And as always one could predict, the series start with a test on Boxing day. Sometimes makes me wonder whether Aussies ever celebrate Christmas with ease or have a net practice on that day also !!! But then you got to learn from them the true meaning of professionalism and competitive playing. Starting with a well designed strategy, doing thorough research before the start of the game, making an exhaustive analysis after it ends, rigorous training, disciplined performance and what not. They have really raised the game to a new unknown league of character-requiring-professional series. But then it also gives an opportunities for the other teams to improve their mindsets and performances. After all, "you can only improve by playing a better opponent", as a lead character finds out the hard way in Revolver.

Looking forward to an exciting series up ahead. All the best India. ...

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