22 Dec 2007

Dada on the run ...

With his first double century coming on his home-ground after a decade since he made his debut on English soil in 1996, Dada has always been a hope against hope for the Indian Cricket team as well as himself. Rediff recently came out with a compilation of the stats and figures of his performances [click here for the stats] but then they don't do justice to him altogether.

During the days of his captaincy, he may no doubt have played lesser than his average but then he compensated it with his above-board tactics and the sheer aggression which he showed on an off the field. I still remember the way in which he removed his shirt after we one the series in England chasing a world-record (then) 325. It was an apt reply for Flintoff's stunt when England won the one-dayer in India. It in fact posted India's entry into the domination league, something which India had always lacked despite talent.

I have never been a die-hard Dada fan as they say, but then I really admire his courage and determination which he showed to regain his place in the team and start performing again. It really requires a lot of will-power to play against the odds of a billion-nation but he did it and did it with elegance and his bat.

It really feels good to be a part of this country with such spirit ingrained in the soil itself that every man is capable of doing wonders. Oh man, I live this country and its people. ...

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