22 Dec 2007

Friends: A nice poem...

The poster carrying this poem on friends has always hung on my door but I have never known who wrote it. But sure it sounds good and makes one realize what true friendship stands for. So thought would post on the blog.

A Friend

A friend is there,
When no one is around,
To give you a smile,
When non can be found

A friend you can tell,
A secret to,
And always know,
She'll keep it true.

A friend is one
Who cares how you feel,
And hopes that all
Your wounds will heal.

You can share an idea,
Big or small
Or with a friend you can sit,
And say nothing at all.

A friend is sad
When you move away,
And for your friend,
You wish you could stay.

Always have
A hand to lend,
And save some time
For a Friend.


1 comment:

Anu's life la lessons said...

ahaan ... yeh ya are right :)
but do u remember ... a friend is a person ... who is being told whatever is not told to everyone ??