11 Dec 2007

Intermingling cultures: Heights of emulation !!!

It is sometimes good to copy. It brings the copier closer to the originator. But then it can lead the originator crazy as well. [Ever wondered why someone who took the exam looking into your notebook got more marks than you??? Happens all the time]

But then there are limits. Ya, copyright laws and all. I sometimes don't really understand (on a lighter note) that who care when we copy. Do we think some one is actually gonna verify and compare the stuff you wrote and test it IPR liability? Come on, if someone does check, then hell with him. He must be really having an awfully free time.

And there is copying in a different sense. Emulating types. UN copies the US style of working, UK copies the US style of tax assessment (even heard pay-as-you-go) and what not. But these are not called copying. Why? Because you copy an idea and not an expression. Sounds silly, but thats how the law is. So people copy what they feel good in others.

But then the good is again relative. Its good for me, not for you. I don't care what others would feel like if I copy. I will do what I feel like. So people dress like Captain Jack Sparrow and feel about it. But no one cares, really, when they are not disturbed by it.

And when they get disturbed, they cry foul. Like Shiv Sena says, go hell with your Valentine Day. UK cribs that they gave world civilization and what they got in return was McDees. (some one was actually distributing pamphlets on that in London). WTO cribs that developing countries do not understand the meaning of development and act as ameturs. All of us crib at some point or other. And its perfectly fine. If we don't crib, we aren't humans.

But then there should be limits of emulating. Killing in real life (don't read reel !!!) for the sake of emulating is not really worth it. But the nature has its ways of overcoming human pshychology. The recent US style shoot at a school in India reflects only that. This 'Shootout in Gurgaon school' really carries more than it meets the eye. I came, I saw, I shot, I conquered types...
Shows really how closely cultures are intermingled. The United States has a law (I hope even India has one) which says those below 18 cannot be sold firearms. Does it help, not really if these incidents are any guide. Even the famous anger-control therapies are no use.

I do not have an answer to these problems and issues in life, for these depend really on each individuals assessment of right and wrong, dos and donts, and I am not an expert on pshychology. But certainly I am sure there will be always be optimists and what I call as rational-optimists, who will argue; he killed only, right? so what. A good way really to stop worrying about the growing population problem. He should have killed more. Right?

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