10 Jan 2008

Time for some gardening

Well, colourful scenes are always a delight for a wavering mind; atleast I find a trip to the garden a refreshing experience. There is so much to capture from what mother nature has to offer us. So am putting a few shots which I have taken over quiet a long period; soothing and refreshing.

A bunch of cute flowers.

This time red ones

Sober yet beautiful.

Bright and illuminating.

Well, this is neither UK nor maple leaves. This comes from India, from grape leaves.

Cheerfully bright.

And now time for some fruits, grapes.

Pomegranates and guava here.


anN-series said...

wow nice pics..did u take them?

Tarun Jain said...

ya, all of them. in fact all of these are from my home :)