31 Jan 2008

Dear old Passfield !!!

Waking in central London,
Within the Tavistock dungeon,
Stands one not-so prominent
Endsleigh Extension.

Hidden yet awake,
Passfielders work in their mansion
Accommodating every dimension,
Sweeping all tension.

There I reside,
In its confines,
Wishing to subside,
In its indomitable ravines.

Visualization there being enormous,
I fathom fully conscious,
Discussing full throttle,
In essence the non-obvious.

Then the Passfield Bar
And the fooseball gang-war;
All of it adds to the passion
To live here mere yaar.

Dedicated to my fellow Passfielders ...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Way to go Tarun!!! Lovely tribute to our home away from home, Passfield... n am glad the reference to the Fooseball table was made... the two will always be clubbed together in all my memories of Passfield forever...