25 Jan 2008

India week at LSE and my poem

Well, this I was originally written by me for publication in The Beaver, the official signpost of LSE Student Union but it figures out there were some glitches and so it could not get through. So I thought it would be much better to just have a go at it on my blog.

Perhaps the title of the poem explains its all; ...

India at 60: Crossroads

Self-pride and nationalism,
Marred by bureaucracy and corruption,
Religious idiosyncrasies and bigoted fanaticism,
Still a land of growth, full of optimism.

A hot mix of culture and prejudices,
Bundles of contradictions within,
But a place of opportunities,
And self-realization forthcoming.

Carrying a indomitable past,
Feeding more than a billion mouths,
Up surging on a development path,

sails with a glorious mast.

Huge work force and working hard,
Economic prosperity rising fast,
Makes me wonder,
When was
India younger last?

Be it economic reforms or WTO,
Making its presence felt all through,
Preparing itself for a worldly ride,
India, my land, is flying high.

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